Youth, sex, and tech. We need to talk.

Unprotected sex and sexual behaviors remain at the top of youth health risks. Yet connecting with youth in risk-reduction conversations is as challenging as ever. Technology can help to bridge this gap – engaging youth and opening the door to meaningful dialogue. It’s no surprise that youth are more honest with technology-based risk screenings, but the benefits don’t stop there.

  • Evidence-based education is automatically tailored to each youth’s identified risks,
  • Standardized, comprehensive sexual health history and safer sex action plan completed by ACT for every youth
  • Ongoing follow-up delivered to youth via text messaging.

The Adolescent Counseling Technologies for Sexual Health (ACT-SH) from Possibilities for Change was designed to provide these benefits, acting as a “virtual health educator” for busy professionals and clinicians. ACT-SH can be delivered in person or virtually in both clinical and non-clinical settings – from schools and community-based programs to social services and physician offices. Providing a personalized and standardized experience for every youth, ACT-SH encourages youth honesty and creates a bridge between professionals and the youth they work with.

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