Your Back-to-School Checklist: 5 Fast Facts

We hope you are still enjoying barbeques, the beach, and basking in the sun.  But, it is almost “that” time again…back-to-school!

The beginning of the school year – with the rush of sports physicals and last minute vaccinations – is the perfect time to implement RAAPS and effectively screen teens for their risky behaviors.

RAAPS has the technology that teens respond to, and that integrates with your existing practice workflow.

Since it is still summer, and you’ve got important stuff to do – we’ll keep it short. Here are 5 fast facts (you might not know) about RAAPS.

  1. 1.  It was made for you. (Literally.) RAAPS was developed in a medical practice by a clinician who faced the same challenges with screening adolescents that you do every day. RAAPS is the only standardized, validated adolescent risk screening tool made just for your needs.
  2. 2.  Still using GAPS for teen risk assessment? RAAPS will save you about one hour every time you give the survey. (And you’ll get the same results – we’ve got the studies to prove it.)
  3. 3.  It’s not you it’s them. Research shows teens are more honest with technology than in face-to-face interviews or paper surveys.  RAAPS technology makes it easy for you (cloud-based, no installation) to get real with teens. (Real risk data; real connections; real behavior change.)
  4. 4.  In just the last year, the number of practices using RAAPS increased by 149%Curious what they know?
  5. 5.  Summer is the perfect time to get started. Just in time for physicals.  And if you get started with RAAPS now, you’ll get one full year of data for the next school year. That’s data you can use to identify & track risk trends, prove your outcomes & effectiveness for PCMH and quality-based reimbursements, and/or to apply for more grant funding!

So give us a call…just as soon as you get back from the beach.

Learn more about RAAPS by visiting our website.  You can also reach us via email or by calling 1-855-pos4chg (767-4244).

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