They’re back!

Across the nation students are back-to-school… in person, virtually and every combination in between! Now that we’ve survived the busy, chaotic first few weeks of “The Return” – what’s next?

Now is the time to ensure that each valuable interaction you have helps to:

  • Identify youth that are struggling with mental health – whether it’s return-to-school stress, pandemic-driven depression or anxiety, now is the time to make sure that every student who needs help gets it.
  • Put the “safe” in social – as students return to in-person events it’s critical to proactively screen for risky behaviors & provide education to prepare youth before they are exposed to risky situations
  • Ensure youth are on the best path to academic success – assess and identify the social determinants of health that are impacting your youth population
  • Support families – youth screening is a critical way your organization can support families as they struggle with the stress and challenging logistical demands of this difficult time

Whether your community is going back in person, virtually or on a hybrid schedule we can help you meet screening recommendations with RAAPS.

The HIPAA compliant, cloud-based RAAPS platform provides comprehensive risk screening to ensure youth are getting the support they need. Plus, with our remote screening capability (by text or email), the RAAPS system helps you in continuing to support youth and their families no matter whether you are face to face or virtual. 

It’s worth putting in the effort now to help identify students at immediate risk and to empower you to provide a higher level of care in the future.

We know there is a lot to consider, let us help simplify the process of screening and coaching youth for mental health concerns and risky behaviors. And save youth lives.

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