This Thanksgiving, we give thanks to all the providers utilizing the RAAPS system and the healthy teens that you are creating.  It’s an honor to have you as part of the RAAPS community.  Your tireless work on behalf of teens inspires and motivates us.

In the spirit of this holiday, we’ve gathered testimonials that showcase the positive aspects of using the RAAPS system.  It solidifies how thankful we are that teens across the country are receiving efficient and effective screening.  High-risk behaviors are quickly identified and teens are changing self-destructive behaviors, while making better, healthier choices.  Our featured blog posts of how providers are putting RAAPS into practice will return next week.

  • –  “RAAPS has very specific questions for adolescents. We find out so many are being threatened in school and have thoughts of suicide that we did not know were having these issues.”
  • …..
  • –   “Since using the online version, I receive more “risky” answers than when I was verbally asking.”
  • …..
  • –  “RAAPS puts sensitive topics right out on the table for discussion and helps teens feel more comfortable discussing topics that impact greatly on their overall health.”
  • …..
  •   “RAAPS is an easy way to assess for a range of behaviors that would be difficult to ask about in a more open-ended format without taking a great deal of time.”
  • …..
  • –  “RAAPS allows for a more thorough risk assessment on EVERY adolescent.”
  • …..
  • –  “RAAPS makes it easier for me to come right out and ask the questions I am thinking. I think it is easier for the students to answer honestly, too.”

From all of us, Happy Thanksgiving!

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