Teen Risks: What you don’t know (and what they aren’t telling you) can hurt them.

Data from over 39,000 risk assessments completed by adolescents from 2011 through 2013 reveal startling new trends in teen risk behaviors and surprising changes – both positive and negative.

Please download the latest RAAPS infographic:  Teen Risks: For Better or Worse  and READ, SHARE, & ACT on this critical insight into teen behaviors – and the rising trends that may be happening “under the radar”.

For example, data shows significant improvements in the “hot topics” that have been at the forefront of public awareness and healthcare focus including exercise, distracted driving, and smoking (both tobacco and marijuana).

But surprising new NEGATIVE TRENDS are being self-reported by teens in significant numbers – including an increase in failure to use protection during sex (reinforcing the need for attention on this topic – even though national statistics show a decline in adolescent pregnancy rates overall.)

What would your data say about trends of adolescent risk behaviors in your population?

Organizations using RAAPS can easily track their population-specific data at the individual teen and aggregate level in order to identify behaviors and trends over time.  In addition, they are able to create corresponding reports to support the need for adolescent-specific services and illustrate the outcomes of their efforts in reducing risky teen behaviors.

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