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    Empowering Youth with MITEY Change

    Falling asleep on hour long webinars? Video calls becoming a routine exercise in multitasking? Take a quick break with us instead! Just in time for the New Year, we’re excited to offer new 20-minute Brief Opportunity Of Supportive Training (BOOST) speed sessions designed to give you a quick knowledge BOOST, without...

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    The importance of engaging and coaching parents to reduce adolescent risk

    It’s a statistic you’re probably familiar with: 3 out of 4 adolescent deaths in the US today are due to identifiable and preventable risk behaviors. Common risk behaviors that include suicide, substance use, unsafe sexual behaviors and unintentional injuries and violence. When it comes to keeping our teens safe,...

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    36 seconds.

    According to a JAMA Pediatrics study, that’s how long the average conversation lasted when teens were asked about sexual health during their last annual health maintenance exam. Even more disappointing, the topic was not discussed with 1 out of 3 teens. I could continue on with more data that...

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