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    Protective Factors: Youth Risk Kryptonite

    For as much time as professionals spend screening and addressing risk factors in youth, the same is not always given to identifying youth protective factors, with one of the most important being identifying a trusted adult. These two factors—risk and protective—play major roles in the health and wellbeing of...

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    3 Tips for Even Stronger Connections with Youth

    You know the scenario: you administered the Rapid Adolescent Prevention Screening (RAAPS) risk assessment and are ready to meet with youth to confidently discuss their identified risks. But how do you start the conversation? And once it’s started, how do you help guide them towards healthier behaviors? Coaching youth...

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    FAQ: How Do I Effectively Respond to Risk Behaviors?

    Now that I have asked the questions, how do I effectively respond to the risk behaviors that have been shared with me? Since the RAAPS is a screening tool, not a diagnostic tool, it is recommended that protocols for risk intervention and referral should be established prior to implementation....

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