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    No Fear: Youth Risk Screening

    Connecting with teens is tough, especially when you’re a professional looking to discuss serious topics like mental health, substance abuse or sex. In short: risk screening can feel overwhelming, even scary—but that shouldn’t hold you back. According to the CDC, risk behaviors are responsible for 3 out of 4...

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    To D.I.Y. or not to D.I.Y….

    We are long past the days when “Do It Yourself” or “DIY” described college students creating projects on a dime.  These days DIY is mainstream.  On a whole, the DIY philosophy is laudable.  It represents problem solving, independence, thrift, and creativity.   However, there are times when DIY should be...

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    Health Plan & Provider Implications of New Adolescent Risk Screening Guidelines

    Recent changes in adolescent risk assessment guidelines will especially impact health plans and healthcare providers. Click here join us on June 28th at 2pm (ET) as nationally acclaimed guest speakers share their perspective and real-life, hands-on experience: Mary McFarlane RN, MBA Director, Michigan Quality Improvement Consortium Blue Care Network...

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