Sharing Your Success with RAAPS!

We all know that the best way to improve practice and inspire each other in our work is through sharing stories of tackling tough topics, identifying hidden risks, and making a difference. We would like to invite you to share your RAAPS success stories! Your stories will be shared in future RAAPS communications (anonymously of course) for others to learn from and be inspired by.

Read our latest RAAPS success story:

A 14 year old male came into our school-based health clinic and began the RAAPS survey. He disclosed that he smoked cigarettes and marijuana.  After delving into the subject, he denoted that he wanted to quit smoking.  He felt he only smoked marijuana because he felt depressed.  Depression was not something he answered affirmatively on the RAAPS form, but by asking about his smoking habits, I was able to start an open conversation and help the patient obtain counseling. 

Please continue to send in your experiences and share your story!  You can access this feature on our website in the “Tell Us Your Story!” tab on the right hand side.   We believe the best of best practices come directly from our peers!


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