We believe all organizations serving adolescents and young adults should have access to the tools they need to provide quality care and affect positive change.

Brief Opportunities Of Supportive Training (BOOST)

20-minute speed sessions designed to give you a quick knowledge BOOST, without the side of webinar burnout.

Enhancing Your Toolkit for Empowering Parents and Caregivers 

Our first-ever 20 minute boost on the role of parents & caregivers in reducing youth risk and the key communication strategies that strengthen those relationships. Participants will have an opportunity to preview the Teen Speak parenting screening tool, plus a handful of micro-learning opportunities to share with youth families right away.

Quick PATH to School-wide Screening

Many schools are considering school-wide risk screening as an opportunity to: Identify students in need Increase coordinated referrals for healthcare & mental health services Capture population risk demographics to drive programming & support funding   But actually implementing school-based screening can be overwhelming… Where do you start? What’s the best implementation plan? How do you anticipate […]

Effectively Addressing Youth Risk

Join us for a 30 minute BOOST webinar to learn how RAAPS technology based risk screening paired with MITEY Change (Motivational Interviewing Training for Empowering Youth towards Change) can help equip you to quickly identify and understand youth risk, communicate more effectively with Gen Z, and guide youth towards healthy decision making.

Sexual Health BOOST

Join us for a 20-minute Brief Opportunity Of Supportive Training (BOOST) at 3pm EST on May 26 to discuss the importance of youth sexual health screening and using the ACT-SH technology to enhance your sexual health services.

Public Health BOOST

Join us for a 20-minute Brief Opportunity Of Supportive Training (BOOST) at 3pm EST on April 28 for an overview on the current state of adolescent social determinants of health (SDOH) and how you can take action.


Join us for a 20-minute Brief Opportunity Of Supportive Training (BOOST) at 3pm EST on January 28 to learn how MITEY Change: Motivational Interviewing Training for Empowering Youth towards Change paired with risk screening can help your team connect with youth to better identify and understand risks, then use effective communication strategies to guide youth […]



  • Social Determinants of Health
  • The Role of Caregivers in Teen Sexual Health
  • Adolescent-focused Motivational Interviewing (MI): Making the case for more effective communication with youth
  • Adolescent Mental Health in the U.S.
  • Sexual Health Risks and American Adolescents
  • Nicotine & Tobacco Risks and American Adolescents
  • Teen Speak: Reducing youth risk through strengthened relationships and improved communication
  • Risky Business on Campus (eBook)
  • Nicotine & Tobacco Risks and American Adolescents


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