Research Behind the RAAPS Questions (Question #7)

RAAPS Question #7 Abuse

Many acts of violence occur at home. Forms of violence may be physical, emotional or sexual. In 2006, one or both parents were responsible for 75.9% of child abuse or neglect fatalities.  5.4% of fatalities caused by abuse and neglect were among youth ages 12-17 years. Sexual violence results in nearly 32,000 pregnancies each year.

Physical manifestations of violence include chronic pain, headaches, stomach problems, and sexually transmitted infections. Furthermore, victims of sexual violence are more likely to engage in unhealthy coping strategies such as smoking, alcohol and drug abuse, and risky sexual activity.

Teenagers often experience violence in dating relationships.  More than 20% of all adolescents report having experienced either psychological or physical violence from an intimate partner – and underreporting remains a concern. Further, an estimated 302,100 women are raped each year in the U.S., of which more than half are under age 18 years.  Teen dating violence runs across race, gender, and socioeconomic lines however; African American youth are significantly more likely than Caucasian youth to report dating violence, including sexual assaults.