THSteps Reimburses Youth Mental Health Screening with RAAPS

Rapid Adolescent Prevention Screening (RAAPS) youth risk screening tools are now reimbursable under Texas Health Steps (THSteps)

We’re excited to announce RAAPS, a validated risk identification and coaching tool for youth, as of June 1, 2021 has been included as one of the screening tools THSteps providers may choose when completing mental health screenings in adolescents during well visits.

RAAPS age-specific screenings can be completed independently by youth in just 5 minutes. Upon completion, youth receive tailored risk reduction coaching messages to initiate positive change and support your prevention efforts, making it easy to integrate RAAPS into your workflow.

Annual youth mental health screening is a recommendation of leading medical authorities, including the American Academy of Pediatrics. With 32% of youth reporting mental health as a major source of stress (versus 26% pre-pandemic) – screening for mental health risk is more important than ever.

Time efficient

Tailored by age

Clinical support tools

“RAAPS gives me so much more information in a short period of time. RAAPS gives me an opportunity to triage the conversation, so I can focus on the critical topics.”

Mari Kay Evans-Smith


Here’s how you can get reimbursed for using RAAPS under TX HealthSteps:

Providers who wish to request reimbursement within the traditional Medicaid Fee-for-Service program for mental health screening in adolescents 12-18 years of age completed using RAAPS, a THSteps approved screening tool, must append procedure code 96160 or 96161 to their claim form along with the other required checkup codes, modifiers, etc.  Providers should check with the individual MCOs for information on specific billing requirements.

Learn more about RAAPS and how this online tool can help you identify and reduce youth risky behaviors to save lives.