RAAPS Young Adult Risk Assessment System: Tailor-made for College Students

A recent study revealed as many as 46% of young adults who enter a U.S. college will fail to graduate within six years due in part to their health risks:

  • – Depression and Anxiety
  • – Dating Violence
  • – Binge Drinking
  • – Unprotected Sex

College health centers face a unique challenge – caring for the physical and mental health of students and providing a safe environment that supports academic achievement, all with limited time and budgets.  And while many institutions are participating in the ACHAs National College Health Assessment to get a better understanding of the needs of their population – there remains a critical gap in care at the individual level.

RAAPS young adult risk screening and counseling system was developed by a healthcare provider using a short, technology based format to identify these top risks with minimal impact to workflow…and budgets.   (With insurance reimbursement, just fifteen completed surveys a month and the system will pay for itself!)

RAAPS is quick, easy and confidential, promoting honesty and disclosure of risky behaviors

  • – Students can complete the survey in your waiting room on any internet accessible device (tablets, smartphones, etc.) in just 5 minutes and you can see the results instantly – with the top risks flagged for your discussion.
  • – Evidence-based talking points and customizable referral features support clinicians with the most difficult conversations and complex students.

The data you receive with RAAPS will provide additional insight into your population risks and programming needs – but most importantly you’ll be able to track risk at the individual level and your effectiveness at reducing those risks.  Outcomes that you can share with the administration, in funding and grant applications, and for performance-based reimbursement/reporting requirements.

To learn more about RAAPS Young Adult Risk Screening and Counseling System please email: info@raaps.org or visit our website: www.raaps.org

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