Our goal is to provide the highest quality services for the lowest possible price to ensure our products and services can be used by all professionals, schools, clinics and youth-serving agencies. Technology solutions start at just $800 per year.

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RAAPS – Rapid Adolescent Prevention Screening, a validated, cloud based risk assessment and coaching system designed for professionals working with 9-24-year olds.

ACT – Adolescent Counseling Technology uses innovative technology to provide tailored, interactive, evidence-based assessment and counseling for Sexual Health and Tobacco use, guiding youth to create actionable risk reduction plans.

Motivational Interviewing Workshop

Communicating effectively requires a specialized approach. This interactive workshop teaches motivational interviewing strategies to improve participants’ ability to identify risk behaviors, communicate effectively and motivate positive, healthier choices.

Teen Speak Training of Educators

Training of Educators (TOE) includes an online learning course combined with an in-person workshop designed to equip facilitators with the knowledge, skills and confidence to conduct Teen Speak parent workshops.