Parenting During a Pandemic: How You Can Help

Whether schools in your community are going back in person or virtually this fall, one thing is certain: parents need support. One of the best ways you can support parents is by giving them tools to communicate with their teens to build strong relationships (instead of breaking down) during times of crisis.

Research has found that with strong parent-teen relationships youth are more likely to have healthier outcomes in:

  • Social-emotional development: Positive parent-teen relationships are associated with school readiness, positive growth in youth with developmental differences, and long-term behavioral conduct.
  • Risk factors: Connection to a supportive adult has been associated with decreased alcohol and drug use and delayed initiation of sexual activities.
  • Physical and behavioral health: Teens who feel that their parents care about them experience a lower prevalence of negative health factors, including low self-esteem, and depression leading to fewer suicide attempts.

Teen Speak® can help equip parents to navigate conversations around COVID-19, going back to school, maintaining social distancing, and establishing “new norms”.

Teen Speak® resources available for organizations to support parents:

  • Personalized Teen Speak Landing Page: provides unlimited access to the Teen Speak audiobook and national parent resources, along with all of your organization’s parent resources, in one convenient location. You tell us what you want to include and we take care of the rest.
    • Not interested in customization? Provide access to the audiobook only, or simply offer it as a suggested resource with the companion workbook!
  • Teen Speak Parent Community: courses and resources to help parents not just survive the teen years, but truly thrive. Discounts available for organizations to provide these resources to their parents:

Ready to support the parents in your community? Schedule a call with us today to learn more!


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