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Parent Skill-Building Resources

Teen Speak offers professionals trusted resources that they can feel confident sharing with parents of tweens, teens and young adults. Translating the communication and behavioral change strategies employed daily by professionals into accessible, practical information for parents – Teen Speak helps parents reduce risks and build even stronger relationships with their teens.

With over twenty-five years of experience working with youth and their families, Dr. Jennifer Salerno recognizes the diverse challenges organizations and professionals face when trying to support parents of tweens and teens. Teen Speak is here to unite parents, professionals and youth.


“I admit I sometimes think I know so much, having taught parenting, raising four children, teaching adolescents for many years, and now having grandchildren. Yet your research and practical approach was refreshing.”

“The trainers were very knowledgeable and dynamic. I appreciated the first-hand experiences shared as examples during the training.”

"Teen Speak workshops have been a great resource for us to offer parents. And it’s actually made our other program outreach that much more effective."

Parent Skill-Building Resources:

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Are You Hearing That Parents…

Raise your handFind themselves and their teen often talk past each other?
Raise your handSometimes feel like they’re speaking a different language?
Raise your handWorry about their teen and want to establish a stronger connection?
Raise your handFind it challenging to have meaningful conversations with their teen?

We have created Teen Speak resources with you in mind, providing a technology-delivered approach to supporting parents in strengthening their relationships with their teens.

Micro-learning modules:

The Teen Speak micro-learning course is designed to help parents understand the unique language and communication style of teens. Parents receive strategies for having meaningful conversations that support small talks and “the talk” with teens. Using Teen Speak communication strategies can help parents create a positive and supportive environment for teens that has them coming to their parents when they need to talk.
Our online micro learning, available through licensing, is a link that can be seamlessly distributed to your parents through email, text or by including it in your newsletters or other communication.

Teen Speak course

Teen Speak Parent Online Course:

Are you in need of an easy-to-implement, effective and engaging skill building tool to support parents in strengthening their relationship with their tweens or teens? Let Teen Speak take care of this for you!

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Parent Teen Workshop:

The overload of tech + the pressures of school and extracurriculars are leading to many tweens and teens shutting off by the time they get home. Today, parents are feeling less connected and more worried about what the teen years will bring. They are looking for ways to break through these barriers and have real talks again. Support your community with our  interactive, live 2-hour workshop providing an opportunity for parents AND their tweens/teens to come together to laugh, connect, and learn new strategies that will set their family on a powerful trajectory they can build on for years to come!

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Professional Training:

Teen Speak Curriculum:

Equip yourself with the knowledge, skills and confidence to provide Teen Speak parent skill building workshops through our exclusive Teen Speak® Training of Educators, based on our Teen Speak curriculum. Parents will walk away with effective, real-world communication strategies to reduce youth risk factors and build strong family relationships.

Teen Speak can be facilitated in many ways to meet the needs of your participants – as workshops, book clubs, lunch and learns, one on one – you choose what works best.

Professional training

Teen Speak® Training of Educators graduates receive:

  • Certificate as a Teen Speak facilitator
  • Step-by-step facilitator guide
  • Workshop education and resource materials: the workshop presentation on PowerPoint, supporting materials, and videos to use for parent workshops
  • Discounted Teen Speak books, virtual learning course and workbooks to use when facilitating workshops
Success with Teen Speak

Teen Speak Guide Book and Workbook

Protect, Connect and Build Trust with Teen Speak®

Teen Speak book

Teen Speak Book: A guide to understanding and communicating with your teen

The stronger your relationship with your teen, the greater the opportunity to guide them through any challenges the teen years present. This guide translates the strategies employed by health care professionals into accessible, practical tactics for parents who want to build and strengthen a trusting relationship with their tween or teen that will last through adulthood.

Teen Speak workbook

Teen Speak Workbook:

This workbook serves as a practical tool for practicing and refining the communication strategies presented in the Teen Speak Book . The Teen Speak Workbook is filled with a variety of real-world scenarios, role-play suggestions, and thought-provoking questions designed to support individual parenting style and help adults prepare for the important conversations about preventable risks that can improve youth lives.

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Did you know?

Teens who feel connected to their family:

“Teen Speak brings much-needed science to the complex task of parenting teens. Dr. Salerno’s real life scenarios and practical suggestions reflect her professional expertise as a nurse practitioner who has cared for many teens and guided preventive care improvements among clinicians and public health professionals. This book offers numerous techniques that aim to transfer healthy decision making skills from parent to teen. A must read for all parents!” –Margaret McManus, The National Alliance to Advance Adolescent Health

“Teen Speak provides excellent techniques for talking with teens and finding ways to adapt our approaches to avoid conversational dead ends. I plan to use these with my patients and my sons.” –Dr. Steve North, Family Physician and Adolescent Medicine Specialist

“Teen Speak is the closest thing to an owner’s manual for parents of teenagers. They will find insight about their developing teens and practical advice and guidance on how to support healthy parent-teen relationships. A must read for every parent!” –Dr. Terri D. Wright, American Public Health Association