October is Bullying Prevention Month

We’re glad for any opportunity to direct the spotlight on this often hidden issue. And we often hear from clinicians that the identification of bullying is one of the most appreciated features of RAAPS – as most adolescents who screen positive for bullying actually come in with a completely unrelated issue or symptom.

Data from the RAAPS surveys show bullying and being made to be afraid are on the rise – with 16% of 36,000 youth surveyed sharing that they were bullied in the last 30 days.

Looking deeper into those numbers – there are some sub-populations especially at risk:

  • –  RAAPS data reveals incidence may be even higher in the younger crowd: 18% of 10-14 year olds reported being bullied in the last month, compared to 13% of 15-19 year olds

  • –  Girls have report higher rates of bullying than boys: 20% of female adolescents vs. 11.5% of males

  • –   And looking by payor status – rates of reported bullying highest among Medicaid recipients: 18% Medicaid, 15% Uninsured, 13% Commercial

Do you have a success story around the identification and management of bullying? Please share your story with your peers – because we all lean on, and learn from, each other in this fight!

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