OAH Tier Grants

If you are applying for OAH Tier 1A and/or 1B Grant Funding, partner with Possibilities for Change to enhance your proposal.  We will work with you to provide an online platform to assess your target population for risky behaviors, support risk reduction counseling efforts, track your referrals and performance, and showcase your outcomes!

Possibilities for Change offers the Rapid Adolescent Prevention Screening – Sexual Health (RAAPS-SH) standardized screening and counseling system, developed especially for sexually active adolescents. 

RAAPS-SH identifies the inter-related factors contributing most to STI and unplanned pregnancy through a teen-friendly technology based assessment; supports professionals providing risk reduction counseling and referrals; and provides comprehensive reporting to identify needs, subpopulations of risk, and behavior change over time.

RAAPS-SH Screening and Counseling System provides data to answer the tough questions:

  • -Who are the youth engaging most in unsafe sexual practices (recent sex, multiple partners, drug and alcohol use prior to sex, no condom use)?  Use this data to target youth for participation in your TPP program.
  • – What are the rates of condom use, and use of other birth control options in your targeted population? Use this data to highlight outcomes of behavior change post intervention.
  • – What additional risk behaviors are impacting teen’s sexual health decisions (depression, academic performance, violence). Use this data to implement support services and develop referral relationships in the community.
  • – How many teens received referrals for sexual health services, followed up with the referrals and received needed resources.  Customize, track and monitor referral progress on an individual and population level.

Contact us today to find out more: info@raaps.org

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