Millennial Generation & College Stress

Caps and gowns are on.  Teens are bursting from excitement as the hours of school and homework have paid off. The band begins to play March No. 1 in D.  Graduation day is upon us!

Teens are embarking on what is considered to be one of the most important days of their life.  With college days just around the corner, teens (now a part of the “millennial” generation) are now more than ever reporting increased levels of stress. 85% of college students in 2009 said they have felt stressed in their daily lives.  Family, academics, finances, and an uncertain future are all contributing factors.

Let’s break down some of the stress factors for those millennials attending college:

– 53% of students feel relationships/dating contribute to their stress.

– 78% of students feel schoolwork contributes to their stress

– 35% of students feel physical health and 31% report mental health issues contributes to their stress.

– 67% of students feel financial worries contribute to their stress and 52% of students report the economy contributes to their stress.

So how can we help our teens graduating to prepare for the upcoming college years?

As reported by the 293 College Counseling Centers surveyed, 69% of campuses provide stress reduction programs .  Map out what physical, mental and stress reduction services are available to students on campus.  Also remember, many school-based health centers can see students up to 21 years of age!

Other ways that teens can deal with stress are:

– Stop stressing about stress: Admit that you are stressed and figure how to handle it.

– Quiet time: Find a few moments of peace.

– Food: Go eat something balanced and healthy!

– Exercise: It doesn’t have to be long!  It can be a 30-minute walk.

– Social time: Don’t forget to take a break from studying to enjoy friends.

– Fun: Schoolwork just needs to get done, so find a way to make it enjoyable!

To learn more about the stress that college students are facing these days, check out this infographic describing the statistics posted above.