Making a Difference! The State of Michigan is using RAAPS to both identify and REDUCE Adolescent Risk

While risk statistics provide invaluable insight into population behavior – all of us are dedicated to making a difference one individual at a time. And School Based and Linked Health Centers (SBLHCs) in the State of Michigan are making that difference – and then some.

  • Michigan SBLHCs were able to improve on already positively trending behaviors like exercise (from a population improvement of 27% to a 66% SBLHC user improvement) and distracted driving (from 14% population decrease to a 75% SBLHC user decrease in this behavior).
  • And perhaps most importantly, they significantly improved on negatively risk behavior trends –
    • Increasing contraception use by 39% (when population use is down 26% overall)
    • And decreasing disordered eating by 70% (when rate in the population increased by 76% from 2011/12)

To learn more download the full report by clicking here.

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