Make a Stronger Impact on Adolescent Health in Your SBHCs!

How can you make critical programming and funding decisions, if you can’t access – and analyze – the actual risk data from the youth receiving care in your school-based health centers?

Several states have decided to put an end to the guessing and implement an affordable, cloud-based health risk management system across their school-based health centers.  RAAPS (Rapid Assessment Adolescent Preventive Service) allows for consistent identification of the risks contributing most to morbidity and mortality in adolescents.  The system also provides evidence-based messaging for both student and counselor – which improves the consistency of care provided across sites.  But the true value is in the system, the database of information it creates and the comprehensive reporting functionality built in. …all running in the cloud with no maintenance or expensive hardware required.

The RAAPS system was built out of practical need at the University of Michigan School-based Health Center Program, the assessment has been validated and the commercial application has been successfully used by over 160 school-based health centers and data has been captured for over 50,000 students.

RAAPS builds a school and state-wide database that can be properly reported on and managed.  States using RAAPS have achieved significant reductions in key risk behaviors – and have been able to use the system data to show a trend in reduction of adolescent risks year-over-year.  This data has proved invaluable to the state-level administrators, and has been used to prove program effectiveness, guide programming decisions, and secure additional funding. (See Infographic).  And it all integrates easily into existing workflow and EHR systems.

To learn more about how the states of North Carolina, Maine and Michigan have improved their risk identification and tracking, contact us at

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