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Motivational Interviewing or “MI” (a combination of communication strategies designed to support self-directed positive behavior change) has been studied extensively and proven to be one of the most effective techniques for communicating with youth.  But much more than a single stand-alone technique, MI has been shown to improve outcomes when combined with other youth-based models and strategies. So whatever your initiative – MI enables you and your colleagues to more effectively engage and communicate with youth, here’s how:

Social-Emotional Learning (SEL): Communicating using MI strategies fosters all of the competency areas of SEL through the collaborative nature of the approach – enabling students of any age to lead their path forward. MI employs a strengths-based approach that utilizes students own motivations for change through skills such as reflections and affirmations – which bolster student’s strengths. Additionally, MI centers the experiences of students and their needs in a safe and positive environment where they can make decisions and feel comfortable sharing authentically.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI): The core principles of MI (collaboration, empathy, and active listening) center on the client or youth – instead of the practitioner or professional. This approach shifts the inherent power dynamic between the professional and youth, facilitating the identification of the client’s needs and motivations for change. Using MI strategies enables youth to share their stories authentically in a safe and positive environment.  Further it allows professionals to truly meet the client mentally, physically, and emotionally where they are – no matter their identity, background, or need.   

Trauma Informed Care (TIC): MI also offers benefits for professionals employing a TIC approach with youth. MI meets many of the TIC principles – first and foremost to build trusting relationships, offer choices, and collaborate with patients. Similar to use with DEI initiatives, MI offers the opportunity for youth to lead the development of strategies that will be most effective for their unique needs. Utilizing MI with a TIC approach empowers youth to make safer decisions and helps professionals in their efforts to promote physical and psychological safety of their clients.

MITEY Change – Professional Development Made Easy: Becoming proficient in youth-focused motivational interviewing takes practice… and then more practice. That’s why we created an online course for professionals working with youth: Motivational Interviewing Training for Empowering Youth towards Change.  MITEY Change offers a skills-building program that is self-guided and available 24/7 – yet interactive and packed with real-life examples, activities, and videos. With 8 continuing education credits (for RNs, MDs, social workers, health educators & teachers), MITEY Change makes the process of augmenting your youth outreach with effective MI strategies easy and accessible.

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