FAQ: What if I want to use the RAAPS as an electronic medical record (EMR)?

In the RAAPS web application, all data captured when adolescents complete the survey is stored in a secured database. Providers can enter their notes from the counseling session into the RAAPS form along with the follow up plan and referrals. The completed form can then be saved and stored within the RAAPS database and uploaded into any EMR as a pdf document. If you would like to use the RAAPS questions, both audio and content, in an existing EMR, there is an annual fee. Although a possibility, the RAAPS system still holds special functions, such as reporting and health message features.

We are available to brainstorm the best possibility and use for your individual practice or center.  Please contact us via email or by calling 855-pos4chg (767-4244) for more information about these options.

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