FAQ: In What Format is the RAAPS Survey Available?

RAAPS is available in paper as well as a web application.

If you are interested in obtaining the paper version of RAAPS, you must complete contact information and agree to the copyright disclaimer. You may NOT place the RAAPS into an electronic system nor distribute the RAAPS to other colleagues or agencies, but may direct them to the RAAPS website for access. A paper version of the RAAPS survey is available for download.

However, the web application will directly improve your efficiency and effectiveness in your practice!  You can access the web application of RAAPS on all web enabled devices, including mobile devises.  Did you know that it has been found that adolescents taking surveys electronically answer questions more openly and honestly? 

The web-based application is the same survey as the paper-based version, however it is packed full of these additional features:

  • – Professionals can electronically document the counseling they provide
  • – Comprehensive reporting capabilities, not available in most electronic health record systems
  • – Data can be examined at both an aggregate or individual level, depending on need
  • – Data on risk behaviors can be examined over time, both as an aggregate and individually
  • – You can securely track and send referrals from the RAAPS within your professional network
  • – Adolescents with reading difficulties can listen and respond to the questions through an audio option (English as well as other languages available)
  • – RAAPS is available in the web application in a variety of languages with the completed survey appearing in English for professional review
  • – Upon completion of the questions, health messages specific to the adolescent’s identified risk behaviors will appear on the screen for the adolescent to review. These messages can be viewed for professional use when discussing survey responses with the adolescent and can be printed and given to adolescents as individualized health education

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