FAQ: How Do Youth Complete the Survey?

Youth complete the survey on any type of computer with internet access. The clinic user can enter the youth’s demographic information on any computer and at any time prior to the youth taking the survey. When it is time to initiate the survey, the clinic user will log in on the computer the youth will be using, chose the youth’s registration number and click the button “start survey”. The youth’s demographic information will populate along with drop down boxes. The youth’s insurance status on the day they are completing the survey will need to be entered by the clinic user.

At that time the computer will be turned over to the youth. The youth will verify that their demographic information is correct by clicking the “verify” button. The next screen will be a confidentiality statement that the youth will click “I agree” before the survey will begin. The next 7 pages have 3 questions each that the youth will answer. If all of the questions on the page are not answered, the page will not move to the next set of questions. On the last page of questions a “finish” button will be clicked by the youth and the system will go back to the home page.

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