Expanding #RAAPS on Social Media Platforms

RAAPS is expanding our social media platforms.  We hope to engage you in highly interactive conversations while sharing the latest resources on adolescent risk behaviors.

RAAPS has a You Tube Channel! 

Check out our new YouTube channel, where we have posted our first two videos showcasing how RAAPS is transforming adolescent screening and tips on how to put screening into practice. Click, view and share!

Teen Risk Assessment: How “RAAPS” is Transforming Adolescent Screening
Learn how the RAAPS cloud-based platform eliminates some of the most common barriers to adolescent risk screening — building a bridge between you and your teen population.

Teen Risk Assessment: Putting Screening into Practice with “RAAPS”
An introduction to how RAAPS works in your practice’s workflow — from swift survey completion to evidence-based counseling tools that support more meaningful, two-way dialogue.

Tweet with Us!

Follow us @RAAPS4Teens and help us put the hashtag #RAAPS on the map!  Learn more about the latest news in adolescent health and teen risk behaviors and trends.


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