Empowering Youth with MITEY Change

Falling asleep on hour long webinars? Video calls becoming a routine exercise in multitasking? Take a quick break with us instead!

Just in time for the New Year, we’re excited to offer new 20-minute Brief Opportunity Of Supportive Training (BOOST) speed sessions designed to give you a quick knowledge BOOST, without the side of webinar burnout.

Join us for our first BOOST at 3pm EST on January 28 to learn how MITEY ChangeMotivational Interviewing Training for Empowering Youth towards Change paired with risk screening can help your team connect with youth to better identify and understand risks, then use effective communication strategies to guide youth towards positive change.

Our MITEY Change workshops marry adolescent development and risk with MI strategies to equip all levels of professionals to positively impact change. When combined with a standardized, validated risk screening tool, professionals are empowered to work with youth, instead of against, helping them guide youth toward their goals. Register Now

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