Continual Quality Improvement – For You! (And the youth and young adults you work with.)

Health and wellness professionals are in constant pursuit of quality improvement. And we’re here to support your efforts.  Possibilities for Change – the parent company for RAAPS – is implementing several new improvements to help make the identification and reduction of risk behaviors even easier and more effective:

Coming Soon:  RAAPS 2.0 – A new platform, new look and feel – and most importantly, new features!

We’re in the final phases of development on a new platform for the RAAPS system.  While the original features that made RAAPS so effective will still be there, we’re adding functionality designed to make the system even more engaging and user-friendly.  Just a few of these new features:

New Counselor Interface with a Tailored Dashboard: The upgraded system will provide counselors with a view of just the youth or young adults that they are managing – to facilitate risk management and referral tracking.  After selecting an individual, the counselor can see a full dashboard just for that patient which provides a comprehensive but easy to use overview, including any:

– Previously identified risks and/or newly identified risks (and the changes over time)
– Evidence-base messages to support counseling for those risks
– Behavior change goals that were discussed, and brief summaries of logged notes from current and previous sessions

In addition, shortly after the platform launch, two new counselor-support modules will be available for smoking cessation and sexual health counseling.

Full optimization for all internet-enabled devices – RAAPS has always made it engaging for youth and young adults to complete the survey via a laptop or hand-held tablet in the waiting room (allowing the counselor to know critical risks before the appointment begins).  And now the RAAPS survey can be easily completed via smartphone (a must-have accessory for our younger generation).

Upgraded reporting and administration– RAAPS individual and population based risk tracking and outcomes reporting will be enhanced with new easy to read, “at-a-glance” formats, complete with charts and several new built-in reports – which were selected based on user feedback.  The administrative interface will be upgraded to allow multiple levels of administrative access – and the designation and tracking of multiple groups or sites within an organization.

The transition for current RAAPS users should be smooth – with minimal training required. We’re expecting to launch the new platform by mid-May – and will be reaching out to all current users with educational materials (including a step-by-step user guide and a training webinar) in the next few weeks.

If you’ve been thinking about using RAAPS – now is the perfect time! Please contact us to set up a demo and we’ll be happy to walk you through the new system and features.

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