Complimentary RAAPS Webinar: Protecting Sexually Active Teens Requires More Than a Trojan

Many teens are sexually active – and being sexually active is a well-established risk factor (particularly among younger adolescents).  But how do you know which sexually active youth are more – or most – at risk within your population?

Please join us for a complimentary webinar on Wednesday, May 14, at 3pm ET,  where we will review the latest data on factors that put sexually active adolescents at greater risk (and why); and how professionals can identify these risks to provide meaningful counseling and resources in their day-to-day practice.

This presentation will include insights into:

  • – Specific health disparities and risk factors impacting adolescent sexual health
  • – The inter-relationship between sexual health and other (seemingly unrelated) risk factors
  • – Current evidence-based recommendations and strategies for working with sexually active teens
  • – New data from the RAAPS Sexual Health Assessment system
  • – And an interactive Q&A session to address any specific questions you may have!

Click here to register for the Sexually Active Adolescents webinar on May 14, 3pm ET.

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