Celebrating Your Success: A Note of Appreciation

As we give thanks and prepare to celebrate the new year – we wanted to take a moment to appreciate you and the lives you’ve changed.  Together in the last year alone, RAAPS was used by SBHCs, University Health Centers, pediatricians and healthcare providers across the globe to:

  • – Screen nearly 30,000 adolescents and young adults for risk
  • – Identify and counsel:
    • – 6117 patients at risk for suicide and depression
    • – 2836 patients carrying weapons for protection
    • – 7359 patients who were sexually active
    • – 2488 patients who were victims of sexual violence or in abusive relationships
    • – Successfully improve the healthcare and quality of life among underserved youth
    • – And achieve positive outcomes of: increased exercise, improved eating habits, and reductions in distracted driving and drug/alcohol use…

…and we’re just getting started. Possibilities for Change (the parent company to RAAPS) was founded on the philosophy attributed to Mahatma Gandi:  “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”  Thank you for your hard work in bringing that philosophy to life by saving and improving the lives of our youth and young adults!

We’re looking forward to what we can accomplish together in the future!

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