Digital Empathy – increasing the “EQ” of your tech talk.

    Sure, technology is smart – but can it also be emotionally intelligent? Why are youth willing to share everything on Instagram and SnapChat, or even post videos and Tik-Toks that might be as personal as sexual activity, yet they won’t give truthful answers to doctors, nurses, and educators when...

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    #NPHW: How Screening for SDOH Can Help Advance Racial Equity

    2021 has public health in the spotlight more than ever. With this year’s National Public Health Week theme of “Advancing Racial Equity,” we wanted to discuss the profound effects discrimination can have on youth. One in five youth will have a serious mental health disorder at some point in...

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    Risk Screening: Beyond the Pandemic

    One year ago, COVID-19 shut down most of the world and brought public health to center stage. And even now as we start to glimpse the light at the end of the tunnel, we’re only now beginning to see the full physical, mental, and social effects of the pandemic. ...

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