Marrying technology and science, Adolescent Counseling Technologies (ACT) are behavioral health interventions delivered via a virtual health educator.

Why ACT?

  • Comfort and confidentiality. Youth can sometimes feel uncomfortable responding to face-to-face questions. Numerous studies confirm that youth are more honest about their behaviors when using technology.
  • Engagement. Technology offers interactivity and individualization that increase engagement.
  • Ongoing support and text communication. Teens have high cell phone ownership and a preference for text communication. Studies confirm the effectiveness of text messaging to support identified behavior changes.
  • Real-time, prioritized insights. At-a-glance data dashboards allow more focused and effective discussions, as well as ease of tracking and documentation to support ongoing behavior change.

Professional View

ACT Includes 3 Critical Components:

1. Assessment of Risk & Behaviors

2. Tailored Risk Coaching & Action Plan

3. Continued Engagement via Text

ACT for Sexual Health (ACT-SH)

Adolescent Counseling Technologies for Sexual Health (ACT-SH) identifies sexual health risk behaviors resulting in high incidence of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and unintended pregnancy, in addition to risk factors contributing to unsafe sexual decision making. Youth receive a greater understanding of their own sexual risk behaviors, potential outcomes, and an opening for discussing their sexual behaviors and experiences.

ACT-SH works with professionals to quickly meet sexual health screening requirements by providing standardized, evidence-based assessment and risk counseling in just 7 minutes.

ACT for Nicotine & Tobacco (ACT-NT)

Adolescent Counseling Technologies for Nicotine and Tobacco (ACT-NT) identifies which nicotine products a youth is using, how often and why. Identifying what triggers nicotine usage (peer influence, stress, addiction) and what might motivate them to make a change is critical in providing a tailored, effective action plan to quit.

Developed with funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), ACT-NT was created to provide an engaging platform for youth while ensuring quality, evidence-based cessation coaching that works with professionals—as a stand-alone tool or with professional discussion—optimizing their time to properly address nicotine and tobacco risk.

How ACT Works

On a tablet, smartphone or other technology, teens respond to a set of questions that identify risk factors. Through the module, users participate in interactive, tailored, evidence-based counseling for safer sexual behaviors or decreased nicotine or tobacco use.

Identified youth login and complete the ACT assessment and tailored health education

Youth responses create:

Youth Dashboard

  • Summary of responses
  • Behavior change action plan
  • Health messages
  • Customized referral sources

Professional Dashboard

  • Youth risk summary
  • Behavior change action plan
  • Health Messages
  • Customized referral sources
  • Screening alerts

Text Messages for Youth

  • Reminders of steps to achieve behavior change plan
  • Tailored health messages related to identified behaviors


  • Supports behavior change plan
  • Facilitates referrals

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